Jason’s Blog

(Photo: H. Breugom)

From music analysis to reflections on life, Jason’s blog invites you into his more intimate circle.


Compositions and Scores

Film Scores and Compositions

(Photo: H. Breugom)

With academic and independent training and extensive compositional experience, Jason writes music for a variety of outlets. In addition to short film projects with Mad Mummer Media and others, he composed original music for the CBC documentary The Needle and the Damage Undone. He has also written for a number of new music ensembles and solo artists across Canada.

As a side project, Jason has delivered singer-songwriter pieces that move the heart or the feet, and sometimes both. Songs like “Set in Stone,” “The Road Ahead,” “Stolen Youth,” and “Spring Break” off the 2012 album What I See have been pulling in fans from around the world.

Studio EDM

Alternative Electronica from Spinoza Gambit

(Photo: H. Breugom)

Jason writes, produces, and performs alternative electronic music as Spinoza Gambit. Dance music was his first love and today he combines elements from various genres for a sound explosion that ranges across the alternative electronic music spectrum.

Wayward & Upward is available around the world from Amazon, iTunes, and the other usual suspects.

Visit Spinoza Gambit’s EDM website for info on shows, upcoming releases, licensing, merch and music giveaways, and more.